As a bit of an introvert, I like to stay in the background capturing those wonderful candid moments and unguarded smiles; there is nothing better than reliving your wedding through relaxed, natural photos of your loved ones.
I am more than happy to do posed, group shots if that's your thing and I LOVE sneaking the happy couple off for some cheeky little snaps (especially at golden hour - such perfect lighting *swoon*).
My favourite parts of weddings other than the vows are: 
- The getting ready shots, all the anticipation and excitement in the air is just wonderful.
- Confetti time! Colourful confetti explosions please!
- The dancing, once everyone has had a glass of courage and lets their hair down.


My use of colour is a bit more subtle for these to fit with the soft, loveliness of a teenie weenie baby. These will take place in your home and we will pick out cute little spots with beautiful natural light.


My favourite portrait sessions are done at scenic, outdoor locations and I try to do these during the golden hour when the sun light is just stunning. 

Natural light and rich colours.